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NHSS: National Highway Sector Schemes

​We had a bad experience trying to obtain guidance to gain ISO9001: 2015 for our business previously. Once we had spoken to Damien he helped us understand this was very much achievable and he set us on the journey……10 months later we have it. Very professional service and practical support. Will be continuing to use Q.I. and recommend to anyone seeking to achieve this certification.” 


—  Harlequin Office Furnature

At a glance:


National Highways Sector Schemes (NHSS) are a collection of over twenty quality management systems for organisations working on the UK road network. They are based on ISO9001 and can be easily integrated into such management systems. 

  • Approved Supplier Status 

  • Access to Larger Contracts

  • Increased Profitability 

  • Gap Analysis

  • Filling the gaps and documentation

  • Implementation & training

  • Full Systems audit

  • Management Review

  • Certification/ Accreditation audits

How it works:


2A - The design and/or supply, installation and repair of fences for infrastructure works

2B/5B - Vehicle restraint systems 

2C - Environmental barriers (structural) for infrastructure works

5A - Manufacture of parapets for road restraint systems

7 – The application of road marking materials & road studs to paved surfaces

12A/B - Static Temporary Traffic Management on Motorways and High Speed Dual Carriageways, Including On-Line Widening Schemes

12D - Installing, maintaining and removing temporary traffic management on rural and urban roads

13 - Supply and Application of Surface Treatments to Road Surfaces


Gap Analysis

The first stage involves a full audit of your existing systems to find out which parts of the standard you are and are not meeting. 

You will receive a full audit report and action plan to act as a road-map for the rest of the project as well as a fixed price for the whole process.

Filling the gaps and documentation

Using the audit report above we will work with you to fill the identified gaps in, as well as integrating your existing processes to make the system that is right for you and your team. This will involve creating, updating and integrating the necessary documentation. 


Implementation & training

Once the system has been created, we will launch it with you and can even provide full training on the changes to the whole business.


Full Systems audit

Before you are audited by your chosen certification body*, we will conduct a full audit of the system to make sure we have covered all the bases, and provide further support to help close out any actions we raise. 


Management Review

We can also provide guidance or even chair a full management review meeting to satisfy the requirements of the standard. 

Certification/Accreditation audits

If you would like our support and guidance at your certification audits, we can be present and on hand to lend any help you need, and we will continue to do this for as many years as you need us. 

*In order to gain certification to ISO 9001: 2015 or any other ISO standard, you will need to be audited by a separate, suitably accredited organisation. We can help guide you to the certification body that matches your needs. 


Prices start from £1200 + VAT determined through an initial FREE online or telephone consultation.


Depending of the volume of work required, and the certification body's own time scale it can take as little as 4-6 months from start to finish. 

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