Congratulations to iMist Limited!

Everyone here at Quality Improvements UK Ltd. would like to wish a big Congratulations to the team at iMist Limited for achieving recommendation for certification to ISO9001: 2015 via BSI. It was a pleasure helping the organisation achieve this important business objective and we look forward to our on-going relationship. Further congratulations are in order as iMist have recently succeeded in bringing their Scotland site under the scope of this standard too, excellent work guys! For more information on iMist Ltd. visit their website:

The cost of maintaining ISO management systems.

When implementing an ISO or similar management system it can be easy to fixate on the initial cost, from creating or outsourcing new documentation to the certification audits themselves. However, it is the ongoing cost that can seem truly daunting. Continuing to maintain a management system for years after putting it place is the real test, both from a workload and cost perspective, and while it might be tempting to create a position within your company to cover this, there is an easier way. As consultants and experts in all kinds of management system, we can offer ongoing external support at a fraction of the cost of a full time position, but with all of the expertise. Whether it is to cond

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