Waste Reduction: Part 3 - Costs

The Cost of Waste Disposal Do you know the costs for the disposal of waste created by your business? Unsure? Then try the following calculation. Cost of collection of one skip/bin x Number of skips/bins collected per year + Rental Charge per year = Total annual waste disposal cost. This calculation can be used to include all of your waste or individual waste streams e.g. Dry Recyclable, Wood, Plastic, Sanitary Waste, Hazardous Waste etc. Furthermore, you can use the figures calculated above to calculate how much waste you produce per employee and how much this costs your business. Total annual waste disposal /Number of employees in your business = Kg of waste per person per year. Total annu

Waste Reduction: Part 2

In our free second waste article we ask you to consider the link between purchasing and waste. Do all departments in your business closely interact and effectively communicate regarding purchasing decisions? Do they consider the from an environmental perspective the whole lifecycle* of the products that your company purchases and not just the purchase price? Product life-cycle should consider as appropriate the source of the raw materials, manufacturing processes used, packaging (including disposal), distribution, use and potential for reuse, and end of life disposal of the products. What your business buys has, surprisingly enough, an effect on how much waste you produce. Good practice is t

Important update from IAF!

Recent communication from the IAF has confirmed that ISO 45001:2018, ISO 50001:2018 and ISO 22000:2018 have all been given a 6-month extension period in light of the current global situation.

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