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Working in TM? Lane Closures? - NHSS 12 is for you!

We are starting our NHSS blog posts with the various requirements under scheme 12.

Sector Scheme 12 covers the following areas:

National Highway Sector Scheme 12A/B for static temporary traffic management on motorways and high-speed dual carriageways including on-line widening schemes.

National Highway Sector Scheme 12C for mobile lane closure (MLC) Traffic Management on motorways and other dual carriageways.

National Highway Sector Scheme 12D for installing, maintaining and removing temporary traffic management on rural and urban roads.

All NHSSs are designed to work together with ISO 9001, expanding on that framework with the industry specific requirements for your business.

They include the minimum standards and requirements for:

  • Workmanship, services, products and testing

  • Training and competency requirements for operatives and supervisors

  • Qualifications for auditors used by certification bodies

  • Specific elements of environmental and other management systems

There are several advantages to getting registered under NHSS if your business has previously worked with Highways England, or you plan to tender for future work:

  • A competitive edge - You may have an advantage over competitors who are not certified to NHSS.

  • A better understanding of risk, and how to manage it - the NHSS assessment process can help you pinpoint areas of risk in your operations, especially using a Quality Plan

  • New opportunities - NHSS registration can open up contracts in new areas such as for the national road network.

  • Greater visibility - you can join the online Schedule of Suppliers, the only comprehensive national register of independently approved contractors and subcontractors

  • Access to expertise and support - some trade associations will only accept new members who are NHSS registered

So, if you are working in the above sectors and are looking to register for one or more NHSS 12 standards, whether you already have ISO9001 or not, we can help you achieve certification.

If you already have NHSS 12 A/B, C and/or D, and need support maintaining your management systems, then we can help with that too!

Contact us at and find out how we can help today.


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