Get in the fast lane with NHSS!

Get in the fast lane with a bespoke ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System and built in National Highway Sector Schemes 12A/B - Static Temporary Traffic Management on Motorways and High Speed Dual Carriageways, Including On-Line Widening Schemes. Call today: 01427 677973 #iso9001 #qualitymanagementsystem #consultancy #NHSS #quality #iso #continuousimprovement

Give your business more texture!

We provide comprehensive support with the National Highway Sector Schemes, such as NHSS-16 Particular Requirements for the Application of ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management of the Laying of Asphalt Mixes. #iso9001 #businessimprovement #consultancy #NHSS #surfacetreatment #asphalt

Give your business the treatment it deserves!

As well as ISO9001, we provide comprehensive support in integrating the National Highway Sector Schemes, such as NHSS - 13 for the Supply and Application of Surface Treatments to Road Surfaces. visit: #iso9001 #businessimprovement #consultancy #NHSS #surfacetreatment

Tell us what scares you about ISO?

It is easy for us to talk about how an ISO management system can benefit your business, after all we have seen it first-hand many times over. We do also frequently hear client’s initial concerns about setting up an ISO system; from time and cost, to workload and even losing what makes your business unique. Getting the answers may not be so easy. With that in mind, we want to hear from you. Whether you have a management system or not, what concerned/concerns you most about implementing one? Let's start the conversation here and share ideas and experience in getting a Management System up and running in your business. #businessimprovement #continuousimprovement #ISO9001 #ISO14001 #ISO45001 #IS

Mobile friendly site is now LIVE.

You might have noticed we've been making some changes to our online presence. Our latest improvement is the optimisation of the mobile friendly version of our website, complete with all of the recent updates to our main site. Whether you visit us on your phone, laptop, desktop or tablet; you can easily find the service you need, and contact us to start your journey to success. As with all of our recent improvements, we would love to hear your thoughts and/constructive criticism.

LIVE-chat now online!

Quality Improvements - UK Ltd have now added Live-Chat functionality to our website! Have a question about our services or the standards we cover? You can now speak to us LIVE on weekdays to get your answer fast, just click on the speech bubble and start typing. If we aren't there to answer, don't worry. Just fill in our handy request form and we will get back to you asap. We look forward to speaking with you.

Our client's website updates!

Earlier we posted about our recent website updates, and we've already heard from one of our clients about the wonderful job they've done of updating their own company website. We would love to hear more about your new website, find us on LinkedIn and let us see them. To learn more about Cribgogh and see their excellent new website visit:

New website features!

As the unprecedented global situation with COVID-19 continues, most people have been confined at home unable to continue work, with others only able to continue working through the magic of technology. In both cases, it has given people the opportunity to look at there home and work lives and give them a bit of a spring clean. It has been no different for the team here at Quality Improvements UK Ltd. We have jumped at the chance to make some important updates to our website, including handy "product" pages for each of the services we offer. We have also worked hard on making it faster and easier to get to the page you want. We would love to hear your feedback on these improvements, as well a

Managing Waste Water - Tip 2

Environmental Improvements can also have Cost Benefits! Handy hints on how to save water and reduce the cost of water in your business: Turn off taps fully – don’t leave taps running Fix leaking taps when they are identified Fit a water displacement device in your toilet cisterns to reduce the amount of water per flush Fit automatic flush devices to urinals Fit push button taps Check water pipes for leaks and fix such leaks Fit an inline water filter rather than using bottled water Check out your water providers website for free advice on how to save water in your home and business. Please share with us and others how your business reduces water usage. The sum of the few can have great benef

Managing Waste Water - Tip 1

How much water does your company use and what does it cost? Use the calculation below to find out. Your water bill tells you the amount of water that you use and your annual spend. Use the calculations below to find out your baseline for water used per member of your business. Annual water use (m3) divided by Number of People in your business = water use per person per year. Annual cost of water (£’s) divided by Number of People in your business = cost of water per person per year. ISO14001:2015 Clause 9.1 requires a company to monitor, measure, analyse and evaluate its environmental performance and to continually improve - Clause 10.3. To demonstrate this and comply with the standard, why n

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