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The benefits of ISO9001: Objectives

Have you documented your 2019 Objectives?

What about 2020 and beyond?

Setting business objectives forms a key part of your organisation’s strategy and in most cases we see these objectives based solely on turnover and growth. However, balancing objectives around the needs of your key interested parties such as customers, employees and shareholders etc. can greatly improve the quality of your strategic planning, open up new opportunities and help you look at your business in a new light.

Leadership is a key focus in ISO9001: 2015 and this is just one of the ways certification can help you improve your business, as well as gain a certificate that attracts new customers and demonstrates a commitment to quality.

We have helped many Directors, CEO’s and other Leaders pull together a series of balanced Objectives and developed methods over the years to measure and monitor these objectives on a frequent basis, without compromising precious time.

Whether you want to achieve ISO certification to any of the core standards, or simply want support in developing a balanced and effective business strategy, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Check back next week for the next feature.

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