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The benefits of ISO9001: Risk based approach

What major risks stand between you and the success of your business?

This is one of the key questions that ISO9001: 2015 expects you to be able to answer, and the possible answers are many in today's market.

It is important to be passionate and fast moving in any business, but it is a mistake to press forward towards your goals without first taking an objective look at what might stop you.

We are all aware of things that could affect our businesses, but without taking time to carefully study the landscape around us in the context of our activities, it is easy to be surprised. Likewise, keeping that information in our heads alone isn't enough, our minds are already filled with so much on a daily basis that we couldn't possibly hope to react to emerging risks in the same way that careful, documented planning allows.

We have worked with many businesses across a variety of industries and helped them identify both internal and external risks that they otherwise might have missed. More over, we have worked together to put strategies in place to deal with those risks and even seize new opportunities as a result.

So ask yourself, have you thoroughly identified and planned for the risks that could prevent you from achieving your goals?

Whether you have ISO9001, are planning to achieve it, are struggling with the above in general, or just want some guidance on what you already have in place then don't hesitate to get in touch and let us help you plan for success in the face of risk.

See you next Monday.

Quality Improvements UK Ltd. ISO Consultants UK

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