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The benefits of ISO9001: Culture

Today we are back with another benefit that you can gain from having a robust ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System in place in your business.

Today's subject is "Culture".

I have visited many organisations who's individual working practices are excellent, but who's culture has become fragmented, those great processes becoming isolated, and therefor less efficient. This often happens when individual departments don't communicate, I equate this to different football team supporters running each department and clashing amongst themselves instead of talking about the positive and negative issues they share.

No mater how successful your organisation may be, a culture like this can destroy all of your hard work from the inside, it can lead to an abundance of costly errors and can be very difficult to fix.

However, a well established quality management system helps set a philosophy for the whole business and encourage better communication at all levels, setting the primary goal of meeting the needs of your customers. It helps everybody feel more involved and opens up a dialogue that includes all departments and levels of responsibility.

A negative culture can cause a number of other problems that can escalate if left unchecked, including:

  • Individuals feeling under-valued

  • A divide between leadership and their teams

  • Complacency

  • Inappropriate behaviour

All of these can be dealt with though!

One of my personal favourite types of success I see in clients who achieve ISO9001 certification is a better culture and stronger communication. It feels great to walk in to my client's offices and see everyone communicating where they hadn't before, it creates a wonderful and efficient working environment.

If you need help building a better business culture, whether it is tied to gaining ISO9001: 2015 certification or not, we are here for you. Contact us today and we can arrange a free, no obligation meeting to discuss your requirements. [endif]

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