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Be part of saving our planet!

In the last few days, plans have been announced to introduce a new regulator in the UK as part of a bill to reduce the country's environmental pollution levels. This regulator will be known as The Office of Environmental Protection, and their aim is to enforce the new bill with an aim to cut greenhouse gases to net zero by 2050.

This will involve improving air quality and restoring natural areas, but it will also focus on transforming waste management, introducing a consistent approach to recycling. This means taking even greater responsibility for the waste we all create.

So how does this affect your business? While the bill will inherently affect everyone in the UK, there is an opportunity for you to take steps now and be ahead of the curve on environmental compliance and improvement. With so many people now taking environmental preservation seriously, with national treasures such as Sir David Attenborough highlighting the effect on our oceans, and major fast food restaurants removing plastic straws and other packaging, there has never been more eyes on our operations, and what we are doing to help.

With a robust ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management System, or another management system with integrated environmental elements, you can demonstrate that your business is committed to making the changes necessary to to save our planet. This will not only show existing and prospective customers that you are environmentally conscious, and in turn build respect for your brand; it will also improve your environmental compliance and put you in position to comply with this new bill.

This all might sound daunting, but we promise you it isn't as hard as it sounds, and with our help and advice you will be environmentally compliant, more responsible and proudly demonstrating your ISO14001: 2015 certificate in no time.

Contact us today for a no-obligation meeting to set you on the path to ISO certification.

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