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THE GREEN OFFICE - Top Tips for Running an Environmentally Aware & Cost-Effective Office.


Environmental Improvements Can Also Have Cost Benefits.

How much paper does your company use and what does it cost?

Use the following calculation to find out.

Total reams of paper purchased per year.

Total Cost ÷ Number of Staff = Total number of reams per person per year and Cost per person per year.

ISO14001:2015 Clause 9.1 requires a company to monitor, measure, analyse and evaluate its environmental performance and to continually improve Clause 10.3.

To demonstrate this and comply with the standard why not have an objective to reduce the amount of paper used and save money at the same time?

  1. Establish what your base-line level of paper used is: Reams/person/year

  2. How much do you currently spend on paper: £/person/year

Objective: Reduce paper use to: Reams/person/year by dd/mm/yyyy

Objective: Reduce costs of paper to: £/person/year by dd/mm/yyyy

And, remember to document and delegate these objectives to the most appropriate person to make them happen.

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